Our Story

Beautiful, handmade furniture featuring secret compartments.

Quality Craftsmanship

Hide your valuables “in plain sight,” yet have them easy to access!

As a retired Police Officer, my inspiration comes from my years of experience, and investigating countless burglaries where entire safes have been removed from a home and dismantled at a hidden location.  Insurance policies can become expensive with the cost of additional riders to cover your valuables.  Why not hide your valuables in plain sight where no one would ever think of looking?

I set forth on a mission to create beautiful handmade furniture that not only looks beautiful in your home, but can also hide your valuables or firearms “in plain sight.”  Some of the secret compartments are not locked, thus providing you with quick, easy access to the contents…as long as you know where to look, and how to open it…  We also offer furniture with locked compartment that requires a key to open.

Our furniture is made by hand, one piece at a time, in the Valley of the Sun, Arizona. Each piece is of heirloom quality that will be enjoyed by your family for generations to come.  All standard versions are constructed of red oak and are available in any of the stain colors you can view on our “Stain Colors” page.   Cherry, Walnut, Alder, or almost any other wood you can think of.  We have access to all exotic woods. Please specify the wood species for your project and we will contact you with a price.

 Because we make each piece one at a time, it gives us great flexibility regarding custom requests.  You love the bedside night stand but want it 3” taller?  No problem!  We love to create custom pieces to fit your needs. We can accommodate any custom request you might have, just contact us with your ideas.

 We have designed our furniture specifically for hiding your valuables anywhere in your home you desire, whether in your living room, bedroom, or entryway.  Whether it is jewelry, money, or a firearm, you can have it close by and easy to access. 

Hide it all “in plain sight.”